Insurance for Home Healthcare Providers

Everybody needs insurance, even those in the profession of home healthcare provider. Basic insurance may be enough, but there are other options. Specialty insurance programs for home healthcare providers are great for making sure that someone in this line of work is totally covered, no matter what comes their way. There are a few key features provided by this type of specialty insurance.

Professional Liability

The most important part of specialty insurance programs for home healthcare providers is professional liability. This means that if a healthcare provider makes a potential mistake while working, they won’t have to worry about any possibly career ending lawsuits. Liability insurance pays out in the event a policy holder is sued for any perceived wrong-doing in the course of their work duties.

Workers Compensation

This is the part of the policy which protects the policy holder should they be injured while working. This includes any illnesses or physical injuries which are directly caused by their work. It can pay out to cover a person’s medical bills and medication costs, as well as possibly any wages lost because they were unable to work.

Make sure all your bases are covered with specialty insurance programs for home healthcare providers. These policies make sure a healthcare provider is totally covered both in their work and in their health. Check with a specialty program provider today to find out more about these policies.