Do grocery stores need insurance? Well, the short answer is yes. Whether or not it is required by law, it’s a great idea to have grocery store insurance. You could argue that yes, they need insurance, even if they don’t have to have insurance. Why? Several reasons factor in.

Products are Covered

Imagine if your entire stock of seafood was delivered spoiled. Product insurance protects you in case your products arrive damaged or broken.

Protection From Lawsuits

General liability and property insurance cover you in case someone gets hurt on your premises. For example, if someone scrapes their knee on the asphalt in front of your business they can’t sue you.

Liquor Liability

If your grocery store sells alcohol, then theoretically your business could be sued for selling alcohol to someone who later injures someone or damages property. Without liquor liability in your insurance package, you could face a hefty lawsuit.

Loss Prevention

Theft is an unfortunate reality of owning any kind of retail business. Rather than eat the money lost from stolen items, let your insurance take care of the losses.
It’s an added cost, but it’s worth it to invest in insurance for your grocery store. Packages are available in most states, as found on, so no matter where you’re located there’s one for you.