Insurance on the Move

Aegis Insurance Company

If you’re a mobile homeowner seeking insurance, Aegis Insurance Company may have the product for you. This company specializes in insurance products that suit the needs of properties outside of urban markets as well as products for mobile homes. Trailers and motorcycles are also serviced with competitive pricing. These are both markets that may be outside of the primary focus of most other insurance companies. People who enjoy a life on the road may find that their standard insurance policies may not cover all of the contents of their trailers.

Protection in Motion

Even if you’re the safest driver on the road, there is no accounting for the driving of others. Insurance for your trailer will protect it in the event of a traffic accident. Even while stationary, your trailer or mobile home may need protection against fire, flood, or wind. In rural or camping areas, infrastructure may not be set up to accommodate extreme inclement weather, resulting in in increased damage to property. A policy can be designed to cover some of Mother Nature’s injurious deeds as well as pernicious acts performed by man. Far away from the comfort and security of home, theft and vandalism can be exceptionally traumatic to travelers on the road. Aegis Insurance Company can construct a policy that suits your lifestyle and gives you a sense of security, even when you’re on the road.