Knowing When to Update Your Auto Insurance Policy

Virginia auto insurance

Your car insurance policy isn’t something you can simply set and forget, you might have to make occasional changes to your policy to match your most current needs. Know the circumstances under which you may want to talk to your agent about adjusting your Virginia auto insurance.

Big Life Changes

If your son or daughter has reached driving age, you may need to make adjustments to your policy, and that’s especially true if your child will be driving your vehicle. While it’s true that young drivers lead to higher premiums, you might be able to get a few discounts.

Getting a New Job

The distance you drive plays a big part in how much you pay for Virginia auto insurance. If you’ve recently gotten a new job and drive less or more for your commute, let your agent know in case adjustments need to be made to your policy.

Moving Homes

Your neighborhood also impacts your policy. While you don’t have to invite your auto insurance agent to your housewarming party, you should at the very least let him or her know you’ve got a new address.

Even the smallest change can play a big part in your auto insurance policy. Keep your agent in the loop to ensure you always have the right coverage for your car and your peace of mind.