Did you know that some apartment complexes will not rent to dog owners without some sort of liability coverage on their animals? Although you know your faithful friend is a good boy, your landlord may be concerned about their risk of financial fallout if someone decides to hold you and the complex responsible for a misunderstanding or unfortunate event. That’s why you need liability dog insurance to ensure that you can handle any financial ramifications from a claim, as well as ease your landlords fears.

Liability insurance for your pooch can come in a few different forms. However, for best results, you may want to contact a local agency to purchase separate insurance. Your best bet is to opt for a policy that underwrites your dog individually, and this is especially helpful if you have more than one dog. Such policies are not breed-exclusive and will likely put your landlords mind at ease. Additionally, you can opt to include your property management company as an additional insured party on your liability dog insurance if they consent to it.

Don’t wait until a dog bite claim happens to purchase coverage. Taking out a policy for your pooch now will help protect you in the case of a claim. It will also make your landlord happy, and more willing to allow your dog on the property.