Loss of Data Presents a Continuing Risk in 2019

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Data loss happens through a variety of means. Larger corporations have made headlines in the past couple of years for IT staff misplacing USB drives. Hacking and malware attacks get past IT security putting the entire network at risk. Cyber liability coverage in Orlando helps your company when a claim arises due to a loss of data.


Data can be stored in a variety of ways. Large companies may have their own data storage on or off site complete with servers and monitoring staff. Smaller companies may opt for cloud storage. If any of the storage methods used are unreliable, data can be lost or inaccessible.


Hackers continue to pose a serious threat to company networks of any size. Minimizing the threat includes strengthening weak points in the network system. Criminals have used malware to attack a system. Often someone unknowingly opens a file from an unsecured source and downloads the offending software onto the computer. Malware can then attack the entire system.


Employees need to be warned against sharing their passwords and credentials. Employing multi-authentication and better passwords can lower your risk of hackers using that information to access the system.

Data loss can result in a lawsuit, loss of brand trust and other problems. Protect your business with cyber liability coverage in Orlando.