Make the Most of Your Fine Dining Insurance

fine dining insurance in Arizona

With the variety of insurance options available for your fine dining establishment, one can be prepared for almost anything that happens. Here are four types of insurance options you have at your disposal when searching for fine dining insurance in Arizona.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability insurance is great to have on hand for when employees sustain minor injuries at work or if someone falls ill after enjoying a meal at your restaurant. These occurrences may or may not be your fault, but being prepared for them may save a lot of time and money.

Employee Benefits

Depending on your provider, employee benefits insurance can cover anything from unemployment insurance to worker’s compensation. Talk about employee benefits with your employees and see what wants or needs your insurance policy can cover.

Commercial Auto/ Hired Auto

If your dining establishment uses a vehicle or requires employees to use their vehicles, commercial or hired auto insurance is a must.

Food Contamination

Food contamination insurance covers foods that may be lost in the case of a natural disaster. If the power goes out long enough to heat freezers and refrigerators, for example, the food that spoils as a result is covered.
There are several more types of coverages and packages that you may find useful. Finding the right fine dining insurance in Arizona is as important as it is enjoyable.