Malpractice Coverage for OPs and PTs

HPSO professional liability insurance

Occupational and physical therapists do amazing work. After doctors and nurses finish with patients, therapists help them regain personal autonomy. To do their jobs effectively, OPs and PTs use a variety of techniques and equipment. During rehabilitation, patient injuries and setbacks can occur. Aggressive lawyers often turn these incidents into costly medical malpractice claims. For the peace of mind they need to do their jobs correct, OPs and PTs often decide to purchase HPSO professional liability insurance.

Better Care

Medical professionals can’t do their jobs if they are constantly worried about losing their personal wealth. When they purchase malpractice coverage, then, OPs and PTs often can provider better care to their patients. While it can be tempting to put off dealing with administrative tasks like purchasing HPSO professional liability insurance, diligent OPs and PTs recognize they better serve their patients when they have adequate insurance protection.

Effective Insurance

Therapists who work in hospitals or other workgroups often mistakenly rely on employer malpractice coverage. While some plans are sufficient to effectively protect OPs and PTs, many fall short. Since patients may target individual OPs and PTs with malpractice lawsuits, the smart approach for therapists is to ensure they have enough coverage to protect their assets. Savvy healthcare providers research the coverage their employers provide. Then, they often purchase their own HPSO professional liability insurance coverage to bridge the gaps.