Manage Liability With Employment Practices Coverage

employment practices liability

Employment practices liability insurance can protect a staffing firm from claims filed by employees or clients regarding problematic workplace conduct or a wrongful business environment. As these firms experience at least two levels of exposure with employment practices, they require suitable liability coverage.

What are Employment Practices Policies?

Employment practices liability policies can take the form of an individual policy with the option of a deductible aggregate. This coverage may include the staffing firm itself as well as the clients serviced by the firm with regard to worker placement. These policies can be useful when claims pertaining to federal equal opportunity legislation or other employment disputes including wrongful termination arise.

Which Firms Can Benefit?

Employment practices policies can benefit all businesses, but especially small or new enterprises. These firms are most vulnerable to the consequences of these types of claims. These policies can vary in expense depending on the number of employees being covered as well as other factors including previous suits or employee turnover. A business insurance provider with extensive experience with staffing firms and similar ventures should be aware of a variety of potential exposures and capable of formulating the right combination of employment practices liability plans and endorsements to protect all businesses from these potentially damaging exposures.