Managing Risk When Screening and Hiring Temporary Staff

More businesses than ever before are relying on temporary staffing agencies, which is great for the industry. However, it opens the staffing agencies to more liability and the need to be more careful about screening practices to reduce the risk to the interviewing agency.

Temporary staffing insurance is one thing which can give you peace of mind. The better course of action is to have insurance and to be proactive in your application process.

Here are tips you can use to strengthen how you screen applicants:

  • Get a resume or CV, but don’t rely on that document to qualify an individual
  • Ask about gaps in the work and education history to gain information about the applicant
  • Customize the application to the job and to the company instead of having one general application
  • Check an applicants background and criminal history, but make sure you don’t violate employment regulations. Use this information to obtain content pertinent to the specific job.
  • Maintain good records, but don’t keep notes about information which might appear to be discriminatory, such as gender, attire or physical appearance

Know the rules and regulations when it comes to temporary employees. Keep your temporary staffing insurance up-to-date and work with the insurance agency to be in compliance.