Countless hotels around the world depend on valet services to effectively assist hotel guests. Aside from making visitors’ experiences more pleasant and convenient, valets often play an integral role in safely managing traffic around hotel entrances.

This said, valet service risks to hotels do exist, and effectively managing these risks is essential to protecting your hotel’s fiscal well-being, as well as the well-being of both guests and employees.

What Are Some Valet Service Risks to Hotels?

Valet services may post a number of physical and financial risks to hotels, and can be quite difficult to manage if not properly cared for. Risks include the following:

  • Limited training or experience of valet parkers, particularly in crowded or urban environments, including parking garages or lots
  • Limited experience of valet parkers on varying types of vehicles
  • Lack of vetting of valet parkers
  • Risk of theft
  • Risk of damage to hotel or guest property
  • Risk of injury to parkers, guests, or other hotel staff
  • Covid-19 risks for parkers, guests and staff

In short, the list of potential valet parking risks is complex, overlapping, and often shifting. Effective training and hiring procedures can be extremely helpful in mitigating risks. Likewise, carrying comprehensive valet parking insurance will help ensure that if any incident does occur, you are effectively able to manage any repercussions.