Marina Insurance As Personal As Your Boat

California marina insurance

As a marina owner and boat enthusiast, you understand the importance of finding the right watercraft to meet your needs and preferences. Choosing a sea vessel is a personal experience, with no one-size-fits-all model. So it is with choosing an insurance plan for your marina. While California marina insurance applies to various maritime businesses, each policy is unique to the needs and preferences of the individual company it covers.

Some aspects of coverage are the same whether you run a marina, yacht club, or another establishment. You need to protect your harbor, vessels, and employees from accident and damage. However, your business purpose and traits, such as size, determine how much coverage to get and what other areas you need to protect your insurance policy. For example, is there a risk of oil spills you would have to clean up? Do you run races at your California marina? Do you train instructors on teaching sailing courses? Does your staff consist of a lot of volunteers?

No matter your needs, there is the right California marina insurance for your business so you are covered no matter the emergency. All it takes to find it is the same amount of care and consideration you would put into choosing a new boat.