Marketing Insurance: Storm the Internet!

How to Market Insurance

With all the agencies and agents out there, the question isn’t just how to market insurance, but how to do so in a fresh and engaging way. To start, you need to lock down your web presence, because these days that’s key to solidifying your brand.

Polish Your Website

This checklist should give you an idea of what a polished website contains:

  • Unique and relevant content
  • Engaging landing pages
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Search engine optimization
  • Memorable URL
  • User-friendly interface
  • Consistent brand representation (tone, color scheme, icons, etc.)

Of course, your website needs to contain all important details about your services, hours and related information, but you’ll also want to put significant thought into presentation.

Upgrade Your Social Media

Your social media accounts should be relevant to your customer base and the insurance industry overall. Post new content regularly and keep your brand consistent with your website and promotional materials. Next, engage with your customers in a responsive way.

Podcasts, Infographics and Videos! Oh My!

When you learn how to market insurance, you will at some point realize you have to ensure your customers understand what your offer. Use infographics, videos and podcasts to inform your customers in an accessible and sharable way.

As you developing your insurance marketing strategy, stay focused on the results you want. Cater your plan to these objects and your unique enterprise.