Marketing Yourself Effectively as an Insurance Agent

Websites for Insurance Agents

Websites for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent, it is important to craft a marketing message that promotes both the work you do and yourself as a trustworthy professional. Having a personalized website is often regarded as a good place to start but are websites for insurance agents necessary in an age of social media?

A social media account is not enough

With the rise in social media networking, many insurance agents have opted to create personalized media accounts. Many agents have felt that the cost of investing in a professionally designed website could be avoided by opting for a free social media account.

The problem with this approach is that each agent has to compete in an increasingly noisy social media environment. It is expensive, often prohibitively so, to promote yourself to the widest possible group of people. Further, you are building your personal brand on electronic real estate that is owned and ultimately controlled by someone else.

A personalized website gives you an advantage

Having a website of your very own makes sense for several reasons.

  • You get a unique page dedicated to the work you do
  • A webpage can deliver more information than a social media account
  • Working with an experienced marketing team gives you an attractive website
  • A stable online presence demonstrates that you are a solid agent
  • Websites for insurance agents are individualized to reflect the concerns of your particular industry

While social media accounts can help your personal brand reach a larger number of people, it is important to back up your social media presence with a professional website that accurately reflects the good work you do.