Do You Need Insurance as a Used Car Dealer?

used car dealer insurance

When you own a used car dealership, its a must that you keep yourself financially protected from the variety of threats and potential damages that you may face on a day-to-day basis. For those unfamiliar with the threats they’ll be facing when distributing cars to the public, it may initially seem like there’s no need for used car dealer insurance and that a general business insurance policy can handle anything that comes their way. However, there are several benefits which this type of insurance has to offer those in this line of business, including:

  • Garage liability that protects you from an incidents resulting from the ownership and maintenance of the garage in question.
  • Dealers open lot coverage provides the vehicles your dealership owns with protection from physical damages that might result from collision, and provides comprehensive coverage from theft, fire and weather threats.
  • False pretense coverage ensures you never lose funds if you happen to become the victim of fraud or scams while you’re on the job.

Each of these types of coverage provides key protection for those who own a used car dealership. Speaking with your provider about used car dealer insurance can get you the protection you need right away so you can feel safe and secure while conduction business.