What Patron Liabilities Will Adult Club Insurance Cover?

wholesale adult club liability insurance

Adult club insurance is a special type of insurance designed to cover the types of incidents only a nightclub owner might expect. Adult clubs are high energy places where music and, oftentimes, alcohol come into the mix to make customers more unpredictable and reckless. This can put employees, property and other customers at risk, but with the proper wholesale adult club liability insurance, a club owner can be prepared for any incidents that may arise.

Event Liability

Private parties like to rent out clubs for personal events and entertainment. By choosing wholesale adult club liability insurance with event liability coverage on offer, private groups can buy a one-time policy and protect themselves and you from the costs of potential damage that might be done to your venue.

Bouncer Liability

Bouncers keep a nightclub safe and under control during operation hours. When fights break out or customers get rowdy, a bouncer may have to intervene and, occasionally, this means a club goer may get injured in the fray. Bouncer liability keeps your employees safe from potential lawsuits and covers them should they get injured on the job.

Assault and Battery Liability

Sometimes, excessive drinking can lead to fights which may end in liability issues for your business. With assault and battery coverage as well as well-trained security staff, your club can be covered from potential lawsuits for failure to provide a safe environment.

Liquor Liability

If your adult club serves alcohol, intoxicated attendees can cause incidents due to lowered inhibitions and erratic behavior. With liquor liability coverage, damages done to property or people on site by intoxicated people on the premises can be covered.