When you need to know the a freight shipment will get there on time and in one piece, Bailee liability insurance is the way to go. With travel liability coverage, shipments are protected from errors and omissions on the part of freight company employees, as well as accidents and other issues that may occur in the road.

What Is Freight Liability Insurance?

Freight liability insurance is designed to protect cargo while it is being transported, loaded and unloaded. Though usually covered by the shipping company itself, but some contracts require the company from which the goods are being shipped to cover all or part of the liability costs. Since even small shipments of goods can carry a high value depending on what items are being transported, having enough freight liability insurance is crucial to the transportation business bottom line.

Why Is It Important?

Cargo is very vulnerable when it is in transit. Even a very careful and reliable company is subject to accidents and errors from time to time. Cargo is also very tempting to thieves when it is being moved. For this reason, it is important to have adequate liability insurance coverage for all items to keep their loss from affecting the business bottom line.

With Bailee liability insurance you can rest easy knowing that your shipment will be kept safe on the way to its final destination.