Businesses that are growing out of their individual insurance coverage often opt for a commercial package policy. A Carmel commercial package policy bundles two or more insurance policies to handle the unique needs of individual businesses. Here are several of the coverage types that are able to be included in a commercial package policy.

General Liability

This coverage type will protect your business investment against various claims of employee error, customer injury, or negligence. This can ensure your business will not close due to a liability issue.


There are a few types of business property that are covered with a commercial policy. The physical business property is covered, as well as inventory loss. Business equipment, fixtures, and personal property at the business location are also covered. Both actual cash value coverage or replacement cost value coverage options are available.

Auto and Inland Marine

When part of your business operations are on the move, auto and inland marine coverage can be an important part of your Carmel commercial package policy. Businesses that deal with catering, delivery, or special events can especially benefit from this type of coverage.

If you desire, you can add on additional coverage for special considerations in your business such as equipment breakdown and sewage and drain backup. All your business protection needs can be met with a commercial package policy.