Professional Liability Coverage

e&o insurance in new mexico

No matter what your field of expertise or your area of the industry, claims of injury, damage, and loss can devastate your practice. Losses aren’t always incurred through property damage or physical injury to a client or employee. Sometimes your greatest risks arise from something you didn’t do. Fortunately, if you are in need of professional liability coverage, you can find affordable and comprehensive e&o insurance in New Mexico.

Errors and Omissions

E&O insurance is also known as errors and omissions. For medical professionals, it is termed malpractice insurance, but it basically works the same. E&O offers protection against claims from clients that you failed to provide a level of service or advice, or you neglected your duties in a way that caused the client damage. Any business that deals with customers is in a need of errors and omissions insurance.

If you are looking for e&o insurance in New Mexico, know what your policy needs to include. Many errors and omissions claims are denied because of excluded areas. Some of the more common exclusions include issues with:

Punitive damages
Wrongful acts
Dishonesty, fraud, or criminal conduct
Property damage
Bodily injury
Illegal profit
Contract /service fees

Your insurance agent will be able to tailor your E&O policy to the needs of your operations, as all businesses face different exposures. Establish your credibility with ethical work practices, but by carrying errors and omissions, you can address claims as they arise.