Healthcare workers may encounter situations in which they must defend against claims for injury or damage, whether they perform services as an employee, are self-employed or offer services as a volunteer. HPSO professional liability insurance can help to protect your career and your financial security.

Why Purchase Professional Liability Insurance?

You’ve invested years and financial resources in your career that can be put at risk. If you work as an employee you may rely on liability coverage provided by your employer, but it’s possible that coverage doesn’t provide the protection that’s best for you. It’s not unknown for students or volunteers to be included in suits alleging bodily or personal injury or property damage that can affect the future of a career.

Who Can Purchase HPSO Professional Liability Insurance?

Claims for damage or injury are not levied only against doctors. Professional liability coverage is available to practitioners in over 80 healthcare occupations. The following list includes some of the professions whose members are eligible to purchase such insurance coverage:

  • Physician assistants
  • Social workers
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Pharmacists

Your profession is important for you, your family and your community. Purchasing HPSO professional liability insurance can help to protect you and your assets, and allow you to do the work you trained for with peace of mind.