As an insurance agent, you go to bat for your clients on a daily basis. You ensure they have the proper coverage to protect them against property damage, auto accidents, workplace injuries and more. Give yourself the same protection you offer your clients with insurance agents E&O. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust yourself or that you aren’t confident in your work. It simply means you are smart enough to realize not every client will be 100% satisfied with their policy. The following are some reasons to purchase this coverage.

Oversights in Insurance Deals

Nobody is perfect and you could make an oversight when recommending and selling coverage to a certain person or company. The client could come after you personally, or could come after your insurance agency. In either case, E&O insurance for agents can step in to cover defense costs if someone accuses you of not providing enough information or enough coverage.

Options for Various Professionals

An insurance agent isn’t the only person who might need insurance agents E&O. This type of coverage can protect wholesalers, reinsurance brokers, program managers, Hard to Place specialists, captive managers and a variety of professionals who deal with insurance.

As you can see, purchasing insurance agents E&O is an important step in protecting yourself. Whether you are a wholesaler or an agent, find out more about this type of coverage and protect yourself as you would your clients.