Protect Your Palm Beach Home With Renters Insurance

renters insurance in Palm Beach

If you rent your home in Palm Beach, don’t expect your landlord to cover any property damage. Landlords usually carry insurance that protects only the building or structure, not the property of the tenants. That’s why you need renters insurance in Palm Beach.


Having renters insurance safeguards your property while covering medical or legal expenses that may happen when accidents occur in your rental home. Your insurance coverage is usually based on the value of your items. Take an inventory of your possessions in your home to make an assessment, which should include your electronics, bathroom items, kitchen equipment, and art pieces.

Most renters insurance in Palm Beach can provide coverage for:

  • The tenants possessions
  • Liability exposure
  • Replacement costs


Renters insurance coverage is affordable and is usually based on your needs, location, and age. Natural disasters in your area may also affect rates. Be sure you know what your renters insurance policy covers and whether the coverage is for actual cash value, which covers the value of your belongings in the present and accounts for depreciation, or for total replacement cost, which pays out the total amount for what it would cost to replace the actual items. The latter may have a higher premium, but you can typically get more in return when you need to file a claim.

To protect your assets and have peace of mind, get renters insurance in Palm Beach.