Insuring a home or car is a no-brainer for most—if not a legal requirement. The potential financial ramifications resulting from liability claims or property damage or loss to such valuable assets are obvious.

Less apparent is that comprehensive coverage of recreational vehicles is every bit as important. In fact, grown-up toy insurance should be considered not as an option, but as a necessity.

Whether by Land or by Sea

You wouldn’t think about taking your automobile out for a spin without proper insurance protection. A joy ride on your motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV or a voyage on the water in a sailboat, yacht or jet ski entails exactly the same risks.

Depending on the recreational vehicle, policies can be designed to add as much or as little protection as you may need. Typically, toy insurance is broken into two main areas of coverage:

Collision or Physical Damage is designed to cover damages to the bike, ATV or watercraft in the event of an accident, fire, vandalism, theft or inclement weather, depending on the provisions of the policy.

Liability Insurance provides financial protection for you in the event of an accident involving another vehicle or boat that results in property damage and/or bodily injuries.

Depending on your situation, customized provisions can be included to protect equipment, machinery, special upgrades and even safety apparel. Contact an experienced broker today for your toy insurance needs.