As an independent insurance agent, you endeavor to help your professional clients protect their businesses. You know that Errors and Omissions insurance is a vital key to safeguarding them from lawsuits and claims. As you search for the ideal insurance products for your clients, seek the expertise of an E & O Wholesaler to help you find the best coverage at reasonable prices.


Coverage Beyond Basic Liability


Your clients may consider that their basic liability insurance is sufficient since it covers the losses that are related to property damage, bodily injury and advertising errors. However, any business that provides a service for a fee needs the extra protection of E & O because it covers losses not covered by professional liability insurance. This coverage would protect your clients from suits for negligent acts or financial loss due to errors and omissions that occurred while doing business.


Wholesaler Services


Since all of your clients have diverse businesses, you want to provide the customized coverage for each that will protect their exposures. An E & O Wholesaler has experience in dealing with the insurance requirements of various businesses and professions. They can help you find the appropriate insurance coverage tailored to the needs of your clients. Because they are seasoned specialists, they have the resources to find and provide the highest quality products.


Even though costly mistakes cannot always be avoided, it will be reassuring to your clients to have the protection and coverage of Errors and Omissions Insurance.


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