As the owner of a laundromat business featuring coin-operated equipment, you understand the unique need you serve in your community. For those who don’t have access to washers and dryers at home, you provide an essential service. Everyone needs to be able to clean and dry their clothes and linens, and your store offers an affordable way to accomplish this. In addition to property coverage, you need insurance that can provide benefits to your employees as well as the specialized needs of your operations.

Taking Control with Coin-Op Insurance

Owning a coin-operated and/or self-service laundromat comes with risks. Reduce liability with a coin-op insurance program that caters to the needs of your business, including its unique needs. Key benefits of such a program include the following:

  • Liability coverage for falls, slips and other injuries/damage
  • Property insurance for damage to the building you own
  • Repair to broken equipment, including water heaters and boilers
  • Customer goods
  • Insurance for business-related vehicle operation
  • Business Interruption due to closure for repair of covered damages
  • Employee-related claims and lawsuits
  • Workers’ compensation

Understanding Your Eligibility

A coin-op insurance program is designed for non-24-hour laundromat operations where the owner is engaged in daily operations. Your business also should have an on-site attendant during hours of operation. There should also be an equipment maintenance contract in place and you should have a good history when it comes to claims. Your community depends on you having the right coverage.