You can’t always control what your employees will do once they’re brought onboard, and often it can be hard to predict when the behavior of an individual will be detrimental to those below them or in their department until something happens and management needs to address the conflict. Unfortunately, that means sometimes a hostile working environment might affect employees in a way that leaves you exposed to liability despite your best efforts to create reporting channels and address those issues. It’s the nature of interpersonal relationships that this happens, the only thing you can do is set the best policies possible to provide recourse while covering your risks with employment practices liability insurance.

General Liability vs. Employment Practices Coverage

The difference between this policy and your general liability coverage is simple. General liability covers foreseeable issues that could lead to injury or to other harm being done to employees, customers, visitors, and others during the course of your daily operations. Adding employment practices coverage means getting additional coverage for specific issues relating to the policies and behavior sanctioned by your managers, team leaders, and even regular team members. Hostile workplace suits can involve lateral behavior, which means it takes both vigilance from leadership and financial protection to minimize the impact of hostile behavior in the workplace. Make sure you have the coverage to protect your business as you grow and add team members.