Collecting classic cars is truly a labor of love that takes significant investment in money, time and research. With all the efforts that go into it, protecting this investment should take priority whether preserving a classic or enjoying it on the open road. Thankfully, with collector car insurance in NJ, it is possible to put the necessary safeguards in place that can do just that.

Investments at Risk

While the benefits of being a car collector outweigh the stresses, not having the right protections can quickly undo all the efforts put into obtaining, restoring and maintaining these vehicles. Having the proper coverage can help alleviate those concerns. By getting collector car insurance in NJ, the following can be covered:

  • Driver coverage when the vehicle is being operated
  • Towing and other emergency services
  • Rare purchases
  • Ornaments and accessories
  • Damages on the vehicle
  • Storage units

Custom-Made Plans

It is possible to get a coverage plan that is customizable based on several factors. Collector car insurance in NJ should account for the following in a vehicle:

  • Make and model
  • Value
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Type and frequency of use

With tailor-made coverage, it will be easier to enjoy your investment instead of worrying about exposures that can result in costly reparations. Speak to an agent today to get started.