With the legalization and normalization of cannabis in many states, new businesses in the industry find themselves needing insurance. They also find themselves in an insurance landscape that was not built to cater to cannabis, because for generations it has been contraband in most of the country. Despite the legal status of the plant changing in many markets, insurance providers that do not understand the industry often fail to provide realistic protection to farmers. So how do you get grow op insurance coverage? First, you make sure you are licensed. Then you contact an insurance provider that caters to businesses like yours.

Established Providers of Cannabis Business Insurance

While recreational legalization is a fairly new phenomenon that is only available in a small number of states, it is growing quickly as more and more states realize there is wide public support for legal cannabis. What has been around a lot longer is the medical marijuana industry, which operates in more than half the country now. While not every state with legalized medical marijuana has allowed a commercial industry to form around it, many of the early adopters of medical cannabis like California have. In those areas, insurance providers have already been working with businesses like yours for decades, and those same providers are now branching out to take care of recreational and medical businesses in new markets. They’re the ones who can provide you with the coverage you need for today’s hottest cash crop.