Realities of Having Employees

commercial package policy insurance

Now that the dust has settled and you’ve gotten your office space in order and your business plan in place, it’s time to start thinking about hiring employees for your small business. There are lots of policies and laws that you must adhere to while considering applicants, but don’t forget about the realities of actually having employees.


Your employees will likely expect and insurance policy of some kind. Look over different packages that look like that would suit your company. An option is to purchase commercial package policy insurance so that you have everything in a neat bundle.

Days Off and Holidays

Look over the calendar and decide which holidays your company chooses to recognize and which it doesn’t so that new applicants can be informed. Christmas and Thanksgiving might be two paid holidays, but Columbus Day and Arbor Day might not be as important.

Probation Policy

How long will the probation policy last for a new hire? Will it be the standard 90 days or will you choose to make it longer? Will there be drug testing and background checks upon hire?
If you’ve never hired anybody before and don’t know where to begin, remember the finer details of hiring and maintaining employees. It takes work to find the right team, but it is so worth it once you do.