Reasons Non Owned Auto Policies Make Sense

hired non owned auto

hired non owned auto

Most people already understand that having auto insurance is required if they own and wish to drive their own vehicle. What about vehicles that a person or company does not own? If you don’t own the vehicles in question, then having hired non owned auto liability insurance makes sense. Some reasons to have such a policy include protecting your employees and having decent coverage.


Protecting Employees


If your employees are operating a client’s vehicle, you do not want to be on the receiving end of a claim if an accident occurs. If the accident is the fault of the employee, having adequate coverage could save both your staffing firm and the employee from having to pay money out of your own pockets for injuries or property damage.


Decent Coverage


While most policies will meet the liability coverage limits required in your state, there are often many different limits for your firm to choose from. Other advantages to certain policies may include items like blanket additional insured, or even a no aggregate limit on your policy. Whatever sort of accident occurs, you will likely be grateful for the coverage in your policy, especially if your coverage is above the minimum required by your state.


Preparing for the Unexpected


You never can tell when an accident will occur. Sometimes the unexpected happens no matter how good of a driver you or your employees are. Having a hired non owned auto liability policy for your staffing firm’s employees is a great way to prepare for the unexpected. Look into coverage with comfortable limits for your firm today.