Studies show ALF staff turnover is a serious problem. Statistics reveal that annual turnover rates for nurse’s aides at many facilities are as high as 100% to 400%. This is a critical issue because insufficient staffing is a risk factor for patients and can undermine their care objectives and overall well-being. It can also put undue stress on remaining staff and affect general operations. It’s important that ALFs take steps to manage this ongoing issue by implementing programs and utilizing tools to alleviate risk factors associated with staff losses.

Steps to Improve ALF Staff Retention

Here are 4 key areas to ameliorate the damaging trends of ALF staff turnover:

  1. Improve staffing levels: Staffing objectives must be addressed on a consistent basis to meet health and safety requirements for residents and staff.
  2. Increase staff compensation: Salaries must be competitive to attract and retain trained and invested staff.
  3. Implement wellness programs: Staff benefit from health and wellness programs that promote exercise, stress reduction and healthy lifestyle management.
  4. Assess risk: Liability assessments should be conducted regularly to identify deficits in training, operations and facility practices.

It is also important that ALFs have appropriate risk management objectives in place and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against liability issues. Steps to reduce staff turnover through positive investments in employees has a direct impact on the care and quality of life of patients in their care.