Safeguard Your Investment With Insurance for Bars

Insurance for Bars

If you own a bar or nightclub, you should consider covering your exposures with insurance for bars and nightclubs. These policies are specifically geared towards the needs of nigh life establishments. In these settings, it’s likely you’ll encounter incidents involving food, alcohol and/or violence and you should be prepared just in case.

Who Qualifies for Bar Insurance?

A wide range of business can qualify for this insurance. Whether you are a large or small enterprise, you can be eligible for this type of insurance. To be sure about your establishment’s qualifications, you should consult with an agency professional. However, clubs with the following usually qualify:

  • DJs
  • Food service
  • Dance floors
  • Valet parking
  • Bars
  • Live music

What Does Insurance Cover?

The exact components of your coverage will depend on your exposures, you location and your facility. Niche plans and policy elements are readily available in many agencies, but typically, insurance for bars covers the following liabilities:

  • Liquor
  • General
  • Completed operations and products
  • Excess
  • Assault and battery

As the owner of a nightclub or bar, you want to anticipate any mishaps or unfavorable incidents, but unfortunately, accidents happen. Protect yourself and your investment with a quality insurance policy that covers all of your exposures and liabilities. In the event of a claim, you’ll have the support you need to keep your enterprise afloat.