Whether you are a Florida employer, injured worker, insurer, or health care provider you need tools that will keep you informed about a company’s worker’s compensation compliance. As reported by https://hilbgroupfl.com/, this tool is available and can search for a policy by employer name, policy number, Federal ID number, exemption holder name or social security number. The State of Florida set up this database to help ensure that worker’s compensation laws and rules are followed. This helps companies remain in compliance with state laws as well as protecting workers from companies that have not provided the proper worker’s compensation.

Help for Companies

Most employers are required to provide worker’s compensation insurance in Florida. Employers run the risk of penalties for not having the proper coverage for their company. A licensed insurance provider can help you determine what amount of insurance is needed to bring your company into compliance with Florida’s Department of Financial Services, Division of Worker’s Compensation.

Help for Employees

Employees can search the database to see if their company has a policy and what that policy includes. Once compliance is determined, the Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office can explain the benefits the employee can access. The employee can also get help in resolving disputes related to the claim. The FLDFS proof of coverage search can help employees get back to work quickly.