Should Companies Require Post-Accident Drug Testing for ER Injuries?

Having an employee involved in an accident is a stressful event, but it should not come as a complete shock. Business owners should realize that workers often become injured on the job and have a risk management plan in place that covers the possibility. Here is why requiring post-accident drug testing for ER injuries should be part of that plan.

Drug Testing Improves Safety

Companies that require drug testing beyond initial employment requirements send a strong message to workers and the public that they prioritize safety.  Other potential benefits of the practice include the following:

  • Lower costs of employee healthcare
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Fewer accidents
  • Decreased absenteeism

Late Drug Testing Is Inaccurate

The time to test an employee for drugs and alcohol in the bloodstream is immediately after a workplace accident. Delaying a drug test as little as 12 hours can cause a false negative result, rendering it useless. For this reason, it is imperative that an employer contact the emergency room or the insurance company to ensure that the medical provider administers a test while the worker is still on the premises.

Post-accident drug testing should be a routine procedure after all employee accidents. Consult your company’s safety policies and consider revising them to include this beneficial practice.