The open water and the smell of salt air is as essential a part of some people as breathing, and if you’re one of those people and have established your own boat repair and cleaning business, then you know the rewards of working on the water — as well as the risks.

Coverage For All

As a business owner, boat cleaning insurance can be one of the smartest purchases you make. We all know that to err is human, but sometimes those errs can be incredibly costly. Even if it’s accidental, damage is damage and somebody needs to take responsibility. Rather than worry about a lawsuit from an unhappy customer, check out what insurance packages are offered for seamen/women like you.

Have a Contract Ready

It’s worth hiring a legal professional to help you write a contract for your customers. You are the expert of what services you do and do not offer, so allow a lawyer to help you word these properly in order to avoid loopholes. Per the pros at Mariners Insurance, there is an awful lot to remember in terms of duties and services. You’re definitely not looking to get sued, but it’s smart and safe to double-check regardless.

Remember that part of being a responsible business owner is to protect yourself and your company from any potential hazards down the road. Take steps to do this and keep your business running for a long, long time.