Specialty Insurance for Manufactured Homes

No matter where you live, it’s important to have insurance that protects your structure and contents. Living in a manufactured home is different than living in a traditional house with a foundation. You face different problems not just for the valuation of your place but also in the dangers that can destroy its contents. Whether you rent or own your home, get the manufactured home insurance in California that fits your needs. Insurance is available for both land owners and homes parked in a rental lot.

Highlights of Our Insurance Program

Your home should be structurally sound, even if it is an older home or has a lower value than most. Make sure that you are following routine maintenance for your manufactured home. Work with your insurance company to ensure you are doing all you can to mitigate the risk and to prevent damage to your home. Protect your investment with the policies that cover your belongings and property. A traditional homeowner’s policy is not what you need.

Discuss Your Needs With an Agent

Find the insurance for all types of occupancies within our agency. There are policies for owners, whether you live in your manufactured home seasonally or year-round. If you rent your home or rent it out to someone, you need insurance.

For manufactured home insurance in California, work with an agency that understands your unique situation and the risks that your home faces.