As a laundromat owner, you know how crucial washers and dryers are to your business. You need them to run well and run consistently. Any time equipment is out of commission, whether as a result of repeated use or complications from utility outages, it costs you money to replace it. It also means that equipment is not generating revenue. This is why your coin-operated laundromat insurance package needs to contain both equipment breakdown and business interruption coverage.

Equipment breakdown insurance helps you by taking care of the cost of fixing broken equipment. It can also cover replacement if the machine is beyond repair. Some policies might even compensate you for income lost as a direct result of the equipment failure.

Business interruption coverage protects you when an unforeseen circumstance forces you to close temporarily. Such a policy is most often used when a fire or storm causes extensive damage to your property. It may be possible, however, to expand this coverage to include business lost from power outages or interruptions in utility services necessary for your equipment to function.

Your coin-operated laundromat insurance policies exist to help you stay in business when equipment is out of commission. An insurance agent can design an insurance package that covers the risks you take as a business owner.