Qualifying for Legal Grow Op Insurance

With the legalization and normalization of cannabis in many states, new businesses in the industry find themselves needing insurance. They also find themselves in an insurance landscape that was not built to cater to cannabis, because for generations it has been contraband in most of the country. Despite the legal status of the plant changing […]

What Legal Grow Ops Need To Know About Insurance

As a business owner, keeping your company safe from threats is always a priority. For hemp and cannabis grow ops, this means finding the right insurance policies to fully protect your operation. Without insurance in place, both your crops and your facility are at risk. However, finding the right policies can be confusing. Business Insurance […]

Treatment On The Go

Cannabis has become widely popular as an alternative treatment option for many health concerns, including pain and depression. With some states legalizing cannabis and allowing it to be used for medicinal purposes, creators have found a way to put the compound into gummies and other candies for edible cannabis products. Benefits of Edibles Edibles are […]