What You Might Not Have Known About Certificate of Financial Responsibility Applications

If you own a marina, run a cargo boat business or operate some other type of marine vessel in US waters, you probably already know that you need to apply for and secure a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, also called COFR or eCOFR in some cases. This certificate essentially guarantees that in the event of […]

How Insurance X Dates Can Generate New Clients

In the insurance marketing business, you must be able to reach out to potential clients. X dates are the expiration dates for a person’s insurance policy. How can commercial insurance xdates help your agency reach clients? Clients May Switch Agencies Many businesses consider changing insurance carriers when they reach the expiration date of their policy. […]

What You Should Know About Benefits Administration

The role of a fiduciary can be both broadly and specifically defined, as these individuals are defined by their roles. It may be assumed that a benefits administrator is a fiduciary based on their functions of overseeing an employee plan, but a consultant overseeing a retirement plan for an individual is also considered a fiduciary. […]