Getting Coverage for Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities can run the risk of accidents no matter what type of care is offered. This could range from a hospital to a clinic or doctor’s office. Getting healthcare facilities insurance is necessary to protect your organization in case something happens. Take a look at the benefits this service can provide. Coverage to Meet […]

Understanding the Importance of Dry-Cleaners Insurance

When starting a new business venture, looking into insurance policies should be high on your priority list. Laundromat and dry cleaner businesses are no exception; you want coverage for several types of damages that can occur in the dry-cleaning industry. Why Make Dry-Cleaners Insurance a Priority? With the help of a professional insurance agency, you […]

Add a Tail Onto E&O Policies

Some business decisions may lead to the canceling of the Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance policy. This may be due to buying or selling a firm, closing down a business, or a number of other reasons. This leads to the insurance company no longer having any part in that business’s lawsuits. If someone were to […]