About Maritime Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Anyone who’s held a job knows about workers’ compensation insurance, but not everyone knows that traditional workers’ compensation insurance does not cover specific jobs. Take maritime workers compensation insurance, for instance. Several parts of it differ slightly from the norm. There are various things that maritime workers can utilize to help out in situations that on […]

Understanding Employment Liability for Maritime Businesses

While your maritime business might be required to carry workers compensation because of its shoreside activities, your workers comp policy is not designed to cover activities offshore. In fact, since it’s usually tied to state regulations and not federal or international requirements, it almost always ends at the water’s edge. That’s where maritime employers’ liability […]

The Risk of Malpractice Against Educators

When it comes to malpractice cases, most people picture doctors, attorneys, or financial advisors. Few may imagine that educators or schools could be at the center of any malpractice case. Unfortunately, malpractice in schools can occur and you need protection if a lawsuit were filed against your school. Understanding the Risk Those who file lawsuits […]

What Is Construction Liability Insurance

All business owners need basic insurance to protect their employees and themselves from financial loss associated with personal injury and property damage. However, those in construction also should consider the many other risks associated with this industry. Here is a description of construction liability insurance and why you need it. Definition of Construction Liability Insurance […]

4 Innovative Ways To Market Your Insurance Agency

The insurance market has become increasingly competitive over the years. With so many agents vying for the same pool of customers, you’ll need to have an edge over the competition. While some tried and true methods are always useful, here are four innovative ways to market your insurance agency. Brand Recognition It used to be […]

How Insurance X Dates Can Generate New Clients

In the insurance marketing business, you must be able to reach out to potential clients. X dates are the expiration dates for a person’s insurance policy. How can commercial insurance xdates help your agency reach clients? Clients May Switch Agencies Many businesses consider changing insurance carriers when they reach the expiration date of their policy. […]

Covering Your Company Vehicles When Temporary Employees Drive

More and more companies are relying on temporary and contract labor to fill key roles, especially for projects with a definite term. That’s why it’s getting more and more common to see businesses grapple with the fact that many auto policies for company-owned vehicles exclude temporary workers from the coverage. It’s certainly not universal, and […]

What is Force Placed Insurance?

Force placed insurance is insurance placed by a financial institution when a home or vehicle owner has failed to obtain insurance or allowed a policy to lapse. This type of coverage is also called lender-placed, creditor-placed, or collateral protection insurance. Possible Reasons for Lack of Insurance Coverage An owner with a low credit score might […]