Common Problems Choosing Insurance for a Staffing Company

Any business comes with its own set of standard liability issues. The world of staffing firms is no different. In fact, there may be more room for error in this industry because the agency has certain obligations to both employees and employers. Understanding potential problems and carrying appropriate staff insurance can help protect you if […]

Why Do Staffing Agencies Need Employment Liability Insurance?

Staffing agencies have unique insurance needs resulting from the services that they provide to clients. Staff insurance should include Employment Practices Liability Insurance. What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance? Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides coverage against claims brought by an applicant or worker alleging things like wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination either on the […]

3 Types of Insurance a Staffing Agency Needs

In many ways, a staffing agency is just like a traditional business in that it must protect its property and its permanent employees. However, because staffing agencies work so closely with individuals and other companies, they also need other types of staff insurance. Errors and Omissions Insurance Staffing agencies are responsible for providing thorough checks […]