Tailored Independent Living Facilities Insurance

Independent Living Facilities Insurance

Eldercare is changing every year. Todays retirement community expects more from their independent living facility. At one time, these facilities were essentially apartments or condo-style living arrangements, but that is evolving to include services that were once exclusive to assisted living homes. As your business makes changes to meet the needs of your clients, your organization is opened to more risks and liabilities. It is important to review your independent living facilities insurance to maximize your protection.

Ensure the safety of your clients with a proactive approach to risk management. Your insurance company offers programs and information to keep your employees and patients protected when you put in safeguards that have been learned from past mistakes in the industry. Use this information from others to put the wellbeing of clients first.

Your organization needs to review your independent living facilities insurance annually to ensure you have enough coverage for all of your activities and employees. Gaining more clients opens you to more risk. Adding a transportation service for your patients provides them the care they need, but opens your liability. Even allowing your employees to use their own vehicle for business purposes is an additional risk that you may not have considered.

A specialized insurance agent who understands the unique industry and independent living facilities insurance is a valuable asset for your business. They have many resources included in providing insurance to your organization. Use this knowledge to your benefit.


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