Thayer-Ines: Liability Coverage for Camp Leaders

youth camp insurance

Youth camp is often a happy time to make memories, but it is also often the place where people get injured. To protect your camp from the myriad of inherent risks, your youth camp insurance package needs a lot of liability coverage. Here are a few types of liability to think about purchasing.

General Liability

Your general liability coverage can protect you if someone gets hurt on your property. It can pay for legal fees and any settlements awarded to the injured party.

Professional Liability

The professional liability policy in your youth camp insurance package covers instances of neglect or abuse. If there are allegations of sexual misconduct or other inappropriate behavior from an employee, this policy can keep the incident from bankrupting the camp.

Employment Practices Liability

As a camp director, you have a responsibility to hire the best people to be counselors and leaders, but you also must be fair in your hiring practices. This coverage helps if your fairness is called into question.

Directors and Officers

Camp leaders must meet a strict ethical standard. If they are accused of benefiting from a conflict of interest, D&O coverage may be necessary to protect them legally.
Youth camp insurance involves a lot of different policies. Having multiple liability policies ensures that you are covered in a variety of situations.