Almost all insurance agents have customers who run companies facing frequent errors and omissions. As an agent, you are committed to doing what you can to keep your clients happy, and that typically means saving them as much money as possible. Typical insurance policies do not provide the level of coverage that most businesses need, but with the help of an E&O wholesaler, you can offer plans for your clients that are designed for their unique risks.

What Does E&O Insurance Cover?

When you sell an E&O insurance plan to your clients, you are selling them coverage for a wide range of situations, including the following:

  • Settlements
  • Defense costs
  • Judgments

If your clients do not have adequate coverage, they would have to deal with paying these costs on their own, which can be very expensive.

Who Requires E&O Insurance?

Almost any business can benefit from E&O insurance, but there are several that can specifically benefit from an E&O wholesaler, including dentists, engineers, lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, accountants, architects and more. Individuals may be able to benefit from this type of insurance, but it may be better to stick with a basic plan.

In order to best serve your clients, you need to work with a wholesaler who can underwrite high-quality plans that offer ample protection and coverage for businesses in all industries where errors and omissions occur.