The Benefits of Pet Liability Coverage

Canine liability insurance

When people welcome a pet into their home, not many of them are thinking about all the bad things that could happen. They focus on the love and companionship the animal offers. It is important to go into pet ownership with your eyes open to all the possibilities, however. Canine liability insurance is beneficial in many ways, and it’s a good idea to purchase a policy to protect you and your pet.

Even if you dog has never bitten anyone before, you never know what might set the animal off. If animals feel threatened or attack, it is their natural instinct to fight back. If an injury occurs as a result, the costs could be astronomical. Between legal fees and medical bills, your pet’s one transgression could put you in debt without an insurance policy to protect you.

Dog liability protection can extend beyond just you and your pet. If you rent your home, your landlord may not even allow pets without proof of pet liability coverage. When you add your landlord as an additional insured, they get the same coverage you do just in case they are sued for your dog’s behavior on their property.

Canine liability insurance can protect everyone involved when your pet misbehaves. It can cover legal costs and any damages that your dog causes for you, your pet, anyone on your policy and the attack victim.