The Challenges of Finding Manufactured Home Insurance

The Challenges of Finding Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured home insurance policies cover mobile or manufactured homeowners against potential vulnerabilities such as water or fire damage. This type of insurance has its own unique set of challenges. Finding agencies that offer mobile home protection can be difficult. There are often limitations to the types of damages that will be covered especially for older homes.

Older Home Coverage

Older mobile homes are found in many communities across the country. It may be harder to find an insurance company that is willing to write coverage because it is more risky for the enterprise. Older homes tend to have more frequent claims and will be more costly for the insurance provider. Additionally, policies for older homes may have higher deductibles.

Finding an Insurance Companies

Many insurance agencies do not offer coverage to mobile or manufactured homes at all. The associated risk with loss and damages is greater than for more conventional properties. This incurs greater liability and more expensive coverage. Though there may not be many manufactured home insurance agencies, be sure to always compare prices and polices to find the most effective coverage for you.

It may be challenging to find an experienced agency for your home insurance, but the right company does exist. Always do research on the agency and types of policies available before committing to an insurance provider and you’ll be able to get covered on your terms.