If you are in the business of running a nightclub, restaurant or music hall, you may have encountered several risks and challenges that seem unique to your patrons and services. When it comes to an insurance company who understands and protects against those risks, turn to the group at RMS Hospitality.

Who They Are

The RMS insurance agency has been providing businesses in the hospitality industry with comprehensive coverage for over 20 years. As an extension the original agency, the Hospitality Group has a special focus on nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The industry experts working with to draft and underwrite policies have personal experience in management, overseeing the staffing and operation of clubs, restaurants, and bars. They know firsthand the struggles and challenges of this service-oriented industry.

What They Are Good At

In addition to a commitment to excellence, the RMS Hospitality professionals cover a wide range of business operations through brokering, consulting, underwriting and processing claims. They have legal expertise, and efficiently integrate their knowledge into a smooth process for your coverage needs.

  • Competent and experienced
  • Inter-office collaboration
  • SKOPENOW claims service
  • National reach
  • User-friendly and efficient automated platforms

Who Might Need Them

  • Nightclubs
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Lounges
  • Casual or Family-Style restaurants
  • Sports Bars

Trust the Best

If your club or restaurant business is in need of better coverage, but you need an agency offering personal and experienced assistance, the team at RMS Hospitality is the best choice.