When it comes to malpractice cases, most people picture doctors, attorneys, or financial advisors. Few may imagine that educators or schools could be at the center of any malpractice case. Unfortunately, malpractice in schools can occur and you need protection if a lawsuit were filed against your school.

Understanding the Risk

Those who file lawsuits against schools often claim that schools breached their duty to students because they did not provide effective education. They may say that the students do not have skills associated with their grade level or that the students have not undergone appropriate testing. While it may be difficult to prove educational malpractice, if a lawsuit is filed, the school still has to fight it.

Protect Yourself Against Risk

The best way to avoid a malpractice case is to practice risk mitigation. Working with the right insurer or risk management expert can help your school avoid costly mistakes. Without an insurance policy in place, your school may have difficulty paying the legal fees involved with the lawsuit. For schools that already have little funding, this can be a devastating blow. To avoid paying for legal fees or settlements out of pocket, malpractice insurance protects your school.

When parents or students become unhappy with education, it isn’t uncommon for those feelings to result in a lawsuit. Regardless of whether you think that your school caused any harm or created a breach of trust, the legal fees involved are very real.