Three Coverages Specific to Laundromat Insurance

Laundromat insurance

When you speak with an insurance agent about coverage for your Laundromat, you’ll probably cover all the basics such as property, business auto and general liability. Specific to your industry are some other types of coverage that you’ll want to ask about. These Laundromat insurance options include:

  1. Box Storage Depending on your policy, items placed in storage may not be covered. Additional box storage coverage may be required. Whether you have your items in a self-storage facility or in a shed on the property, it’s important that if any accidents or other damages occur, those things are protected.
  2. Mysterious Disappearance In a situation of mysterious disappearance, the items that are gone might be presumed stolen, but without evidence to back up that theory. The loss must truly be a mystery in which you simply cannot explain why something went missing. This could be coverage for items you own as a business, but could also cover items that your customers trust to your care.
  3. Protecting Customer Goods You have a responsibility to protect the goods of your customers. If for some reason they are unhappy with your service and feel that you did not properly protect their items, it could turn negative. Coverage such as protecting customer goods will help you in this situation.

As you can see, there are some specific types of coverage you should speak with your insurance agent about so you can be covered on all bases. Laundromat insurance is available to protect you, so get the coverage you need most and let it do its job.